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Unlock Your Inner Survivor With These 4 Outdoor Activities

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Thu, Aug 24, 2017

Do you think you have the outdoor skills to be a wilderness survivor? Here are four outdoor activities that can help perfect your survival abilities and help you survive the worst wilderness circumstances.

Forage, Hunt, and Fish

Practice makes perfect, and knowing how to keep yourself fed is a basic wilderness survival skill set. Not only should you know how to find and catch food, you should know how to clean fish and meat before cooking it properly. You should also practice fishing and hunting with limited supplies, you never know when you'll need to set a trap instead of easily shooting your dinner. A special note about foraging: don't take it upon yourself to learn what's poisonous especially when it comes to mushrooms. It's worth taking a class for foraging with a professional.

Hike with a Compass and Map

In today's digital world it's commonplace to enter a location on a smartphone or GPS then press "Go." You know where this trick won't work? The wilderness. If you ever find yourself lost in the wilderness, knowing how to properly navigate with a compass and map can be the difference between quickly finding a drinking source and unnecessarily trudging up hills while parched. Going beyond outdoor skills, using a map and compass are basic skills everyone should be able to do.

Go Camping

We're not talking about setting up camp on a rented site that's a quick walk to restroom facilities, we're talking about back country camping. Take the skills you've learned and master them in nature for a true wilderness survival experience. In addition to choosing a good camp site, you'll need to practice making a fire, purifying water, and procuring food. Of course, you can make the experience as easy or difficult as you want based on what you pack: such as matches for a quick fire, granola bars in case you can't catch a fish, and iodine tablets for safe drinking water, but challenge yourself by trying the hard way first.

How to be Rescued

Surviving in the wilderness doesn't mean much unless there's an end in sight. You need to know how to send up survival signals. The key is to maximize where you are so rescuers can locate you. Fire is a great way to do this. Set up a fire in a clearing to send up smoke and create a light source when the sun sets. Practice finding a good signal location and making a smoky fire. You can even practice flashing a mirror as a light signal to potentially get attention from someone who's not necessarily looking for you.

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